• Short Films are Making Their Way in the Mainstream Space

    Gone are days when the television industry saw the ‘big as the new conqueror’. Well, today, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘short has actually become the new long’. Thanks to the cut e-age cinema that has redefined its length and made small things count. Now, movies too are all set to make that shift considering short film makers in Delhi are minting more money in the mainstream segment.

    The impact short films are creating is such that few years down the line, you’ll find yourself watching them at multiplexes along with big blockbusters and latest releases. The fact that film production houses are emphasising more on shedding the niche tag and entertaining audiences that have a thing for theater, short movies are for sure going to make their way towards commercial viability.

    Earlier, short-length movies projects were only associated with documentary makers, film-school students, film-festival circuits and experimental movie makers, but today renowned directors who have been a part of full-length features are trying their hands on with shorts to create a pool of movies that not only work well their audiences but also help them with more returns.

    Talking of some of the finest works such as Kriti, Ahalya, Ouch, That Day After Everyday and Ouch to name a few, these movies have already overtaken some parts of the untapped arena, and why not, the audience has been able to relate to the substance provided to them.

    With the major releases already having a monopoly in buying prime-time slots at famous theatres, short films often find it hard to bag show-occupancies on the silver screen. But, PVR India, one the renowned players pumps up and encourages the small fries to combat the battle like a pro among the big fishes.

    According to many video production companies and video production houses in Delhi, right from pre to post, the task of filmmaking goes through a series of stages before it reaches the final rung, that is its release. And, economic viability is what makes any creator survive in the game and prep for next.

    Thus, many short films are often transformed into web-series that cut off all the expenses and are showcased on digital platforms. One such big name that helps any brand, individual or an artist to project his/her utmost potential and tell a story is Skittles Productions.
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