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  1. On Hiring a Film Composer-- Why Bother Anyway?

    First - let's answer this question: Why is film music so important? It's ...
  2. Green Screen Techniques

  3. How to use Adobe Pro CC Software to Best Advantage in your Short Film

    When entering a short film competition, you canít afford to have wasted scenes. ...

    Updated 03-30-2014 at 11:37 AM by 48filmproject (I wanted H2 headings and I didn't want the tutorial to show the HTML the way it does, so I will have to find out.)

    Visual & Special Effects
  4. After Effects Tutorial: Alien Sky Effect

    In this After Effects tutorial I show you how to create some planets in an ...
  5. How to get a perfect Chroma Key - Every Time!

    In this tutorial I show you how to get a perfect Chroma Key using After Effects. ...
  6. Frozen Action 2.0

    Frozen Action 2.0

    A short version and updated with new techniques ...
  7. Rayfire: Covering the basics

    Heya - In this tutorial I show you the basics of Rayfire (3dsmax destruction ...
  8. Human Shatter Effect

    In this Tutorial I show you how to shatter a person into many pieces using ...
  9. DIY - DSLR Helmet Rig

    Back with another tutorial, this one covers how to make a DSLR helmet rig. ...
  10. Frozen Action!

    As the title suggests, learn how to do frozen action, using After Effects to ...

    Updated 02-28-2013 at 12:14 PM by Klay M Abele (Donation Button)

    Filmmaking , Editing , Visual & Special Effects
  11. Element 3D, After Effects tutorial - Aircraft Animation

    Check out in this tutorial on using the plug-in Element 3D, where you can import ...

    Updated 02-28-2013 at 12:14 PM by Klay M Abele (Donation Button)

  12. Basic HTML Coding! Website Creation!

    Runtime: 10 minutes 20 seconds
    Filmmakers! Ever want to create your own ...
  13. Lighting & Rendering a Space Scene in 3D Studio Max 2012

    By Lee Alexander
    Running time: 27 mins 24 secs
    Project Files: ADrive | Online Storage, Online Backup, Cloud Storage ...

    Updated 02-23-2013 at 08:12 PM by leetvfilms (Link change)

    Visual & Special Effects
  14. How To Add A Paypal Donation Button

    This tutorial will show you how to add a paypal donation button to your own ...
  15. PhotoShop Clone Tool

    Here I go over the VERY basics to one of the greatest tools (IMO) on Photsoshop ...
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