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How to market your film on facebook


  • How to market your film on facebook

    How to market your film on FacebookWondering how to market your film on Facebook with Facebook Ads? Well get in line, So am I!
    Hello everyone, my name is Frank I am a very good small business related stuff, I am not the best writer, nor filmmaker, yet! I am taking my business skills and I will try and attempt to jump into the industry using everything I have, why? Because its just time for something new in my life. I own a Chevron and I am tired of it. Chevron? Yea, you might think I am crazy wealthy, but the honest truth is there is times where we barely break even. So here I am getting into film and

    I am the type of guy to just try something other wise I wont learn it. So I decided to go right into the marketing on social networks. Not the spamming, but the actual marking of sponsored stories through these companies, something I call "White Hat" marketing, opposite of "Black Hat" marketing.

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    So I will have a few graphs below of what I had experienced with only a few dollar budget. The budget doesn't really matter as I can see the costs of what it would be just by doing some simple math.

    So, I created a Facebook Campaign as you see them offer you all the time. I created the following:

    1 - I added the image to the AD

    2 - I created the Headline and Text area

    3 - I selected Sponsored Stories & and the option to have "People liking your Page"

    4 - Country - USA

    5 - Age - 13 to (no max)

    6 - I got down to the "Interest" section, and here I selected as many interests I felt would be interested in "Film" and "Movies"

    So now I am down on the BUDGET area - Uhhhh so scary

    I put my budget all the way down to $3 a day (again for testing)

    Then I clicked "Place" order

    I get an email that states my Facebook ads are pending approval. Shortly after I receive the email I have been waiting for. Your Facebook ads have been approved! Ok so believe it or not when you actually have a life and a family they it is very easy to forget about your campaign going on, I did. So two days later.... I know I know, I was busy guys! Luckily I set the max budget to a modest $3 per day. I first go to my facebook page I was promoting and it is a film, with a nice poster and all good looking just like the rest of the top dogs. Anyway, I look and I have 3 more likes, I thought cool this must have cost me like a dollar or something, I go and load the ad manager on facebook and It was $13 - $13!!!! for 3 likes!! WHat? - But I guess Facebook doesn't look at it like that, after some research you also pay for something called impressions even though I don't remember signing up for impressions, I know I signed up for clicks. Anywho, check out some the stats below

    How to market your film on facebook

    So like I said, I too am wanting to know if there is a way to master this, or if this really is just something for companies with large budgets to build their audience. I just don't see people with small to mid size budgets getting a result from this. Which is a shame because they market this to the average Joe all over Facebook.

    Anyone have some tips and pointers for me, please PLEASE leave me a comment below!

    Frank The Tank!

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      I tried it out once to advertise my book and put a spending limit down. I think it was about $100 to check it out if it works. I am not sure if it helped to promote the book but after the $100 were spend over a certain time I stopped doing it. I think I decided to spend 15cent per click and $5 a day. So once it reached $5 a day the add wont show up again till the next day. I also did target audiences to limit the reach. I thought about trying it out again with my film but really not sure as you say Frank that it might be only interesting for big companys. Thanks for sharing your experience. Yangzom

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      Thank you for this.

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      Interesting and Informative.
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