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    Why I recommend learning a new skill set

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ID:	91627Learning a new skill set can seem long and tedious, but everyone now matter who you are can end up squeezing in a few minutes at times to dip into something new and learning a new skill. Why do I recommend this? Well I read a book a while back called Rich Dad Poor Dad and in the book Robert Kiyosaki kept recommending to learn some other skill set other then the ones you currently know, this can mean talking in public, sales, and in many cases with filmmakers this can mean learning the basics of an editing program, a 3d program, dipping into special effects etc... Learning a new skill set as a filmmaker will greatly increase your communication with others, a director who knows the basics of editing can communicate much better with everyone on set especially with the editor then a director that has no clue how to edit a film. This goes for everyone, a Director of Photography that understands editing can do a better job with lighting, a actor that understands lighting can be a better actor. On one of my feature films I decided to be the acting AD, it was a low enough budget that my lack of ability would not hurt the set as much as a higher budget film. Performing this was one of the best decision I ever made, I learned so much and as my budgets got higher and higher this valuable skill set came in very handy because on my largest budget feature the director got really sick for two days, the acting AD had to step up and direct for those days and I had to step up as the AD. So my suggestion to you is, take the time sometime and think about what skill set would increase your abilities on set. Last night I personally was lacking in the skill of animation, and I figured knowing a little bit more about this would increase my ability to hire animators as I would know a little myself rather nothing at all. So I downloaded the application "Blender" a free animation software and forced myself to learn the basics, it was torture, but it was worth it. I looked up tutorials on how to use it and I spent about 3 hours creating by first image. As of now, I know the very very basics and the difficulty of creating these animations - This has not only increased my skill sets but have also increased my respect for animators and most likely the way I talk to my next animator for hire. Below is the tutorial image which the tutorial taught how to create, below that is my image (Not as good, but I did it) So I will leave this off with - What skill set do you feel you can learn to improve your overall filmmaking experience, and when do you plan on learning it? GO FOR IT!!!


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    • Paul77
      Paul77 commented
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      Great article Nick, and so true. I to will be testing out Blender tonight

    • Director
      Director commented
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      OMG Nick, I did that same Blender exercise with the cup. Guess you found it on YouTube like I did. Only your cup came out a lot better than mine. Mine looked more like a smoke stack with one wing, LOL

    • Nick Soares
      Nick Soares commented
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      Originally posted by Director
      OMG Nick, I did that same Blender exercise with the cup. Guess you found it on YouTube like I did. Only your cup came out a lot better than mine. Mine looked more like a smoke stack with one wing, LOL
      LMAO, dude! It was friggin hard to follow the instructions, I could not imagine doing this without the video :)
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