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What Does Netflix Pay?


  • What Does Netflix Pay?

    What does Netflix Pay for feature films accepted onto the platform?

    I noticed today that there was not much information on the web about this so I figured I would write about my experiences with the films I produced and were accepted onto Netflix. I do believe somewhere in the contract there was a confidentiality part but it expires after about 7 years, which it has been, and those of you that want to get on platforms like Netflix and are excited to share your earnings be warned that it is FROWNED upon big time and could lead to getting blacklisted from Netflix and other companies, I will go over Black List in another article - they do exist.

    The Films

    My first film I got onto Netflix was Ghost Game
    My second film i got onto Netflix was CULT

    (EDIT 2018 - This article is incredibly out of date, and as being a Content Partner with Netflix nowadays the data we now have is incredible- Will get this updated shortly. )

    Ill just talk about these two as one has no "A talent" - Ghost Game and the other had some B Talent - CULT

    The Money $$ - These are just some of my experiences

    Ghost Game was licensed when Netflix stock was about $189 a share and the first year licensing fee was $3,500 for a full 365 days on Netflix DVD or Streaming. The following years it dropped about $1,000 a year up to the point where they offer $300

    CULT was licensed when Netflix stock was about $230 a share and the first year was $8,000 - After such bad reviews the license fee dropped so bad, we had to ask for it to stay on a few years after.

    Nowadays to get your film on Netflix (even through a distributor) you need lots of fans - You have to get your film in the Queue and if enough people add it then they will "think" about adding it to Netflix. The good'ol days of low-budget films getting money from Netflix is over IMO, and when I say low-budget I mean films like "Ghost Game" There are many great low-budget indies out there that will earn their spot on Netflix.

    The Reason

    The reason to be on Netflix 10 years ago and now (2012-2013) are very different. Back then it was additional cashflow, Now it is gaining popularity and fan base. Getting a film on Netflix with a website at the end of the credits or even people Google searching after finishing the film can greatly increase your Facebook followers, Twitter followers, etc...

    The End

    Netflix has shifted their focus and cash to acquiring Studio films or old school blockbusters, and unless you have a great Rep that can wiggle your film in, then currently I think your out of luck. Their is still hope though, its just your film needs to be very niche specific along with amazing quality and story, or a large theatrical release.

    Nick Soares
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    • Paul77
      Paul77 commented
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      I never knew, thanks again for this great content :tea:

    • BLAREMedia
      BLAREMedia commented
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      Very interesting. I heard that when it was DVD only they basically just bought 50-100 DVD's from you or your distributor and started sending them out. Were there always licensing fees no matter what?

    • Charles
      Charles commented
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      Netflix pays licensing fees to distributors, but not filmmakers trying to get their film on Netflix. You need to go through an aggregator to get a license fee - So I have heard anyway
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