View Full Version : The YOGA industry documentary film on Kickstarter is looking for support

03-06-2018, 03:04 AM
The YOGA industry,

Documentary film about yoga's spiritual extinction is LIVE on Kickstarter.

We want to open a discussion about there Yoga at this point, talk about things we are ignoring or not suppose to talk about.
If you are a yoga fan or not, you can't hide from a fact that yoga is everywhere. But what about it's cultural appropriation and social media trends.

We hope to gain a honest community that is truly curious and want's to know more. Hear from some of the long time partitions from all around the world about their journey and reflections of yoga today.

We hope to spark your interest and see you on our Kickstarter page:

Kickstarter project name is The yoga industry

Many thanks for all the supporters.