View Full Version : Feature Gormanghast - Sitcom Pilot available

04-26-2017, 12:15 AM
Hi All,

If you like Everybody Loves Raymond then this is for you.

Gormanghast Ė this is about a dysfunctional family that lives together in one house. Kevin is a house husband, and the main character. His wife works as a restaurant critic. They have two competitive teenage kids. Kevinís mother and father are divorced. The father lives in the basement and the mother in the garage. The divorce was not amicable. He burnt down the house, hence the living arrangements. Kevin has a sister who works in the city and is a successful fund manager. She has a body builder boyfriend who is a nice guy but painfully dim. They love one another but argue constantly over just about everything.

I've attached the pilot FYI. Thereís plenty of scope for a series development, probably many.

Hope someone's interested.