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04-16-2017, 05:04 AM
Hi, is anyone interested in horror shorts? I have a large collection. They were developed for a TV concept (Peek-A-Boo). This was to be a ghost / horror / comedy horror series - like a sketch show but using shorts rather than sketches. The subject matter was very varied and included moving, funny, spine chilling and horror etc. stories. I've attached a set of examples FYI. I have at least 6 hours of material now and plenty more easily prepared from my short horror collections (Guests of Horror / The Last Train Home and Peek-A-Boo).

They range from monologues from 5 minutes upwards, that are low cost and easy to make, to much longer, larger cast and multiple sets with complex productions that include serious special effects. Here are the synopses for the ones attached (some easy, low budget scripts);

Little secrets – in a post apocalyptic world a young girl plots the murder of her priest

Nematodes – after mankind has been blighted by a disease killing anyone reaching puberty, a young boy prepares to fight to save his mother from being expunged

Not long for this world – A freak accident reduces the size of everyone except a 14 year old boy who declares himself the king of The Isle of Man

Popping out for a Chinese – A minor royal is a vampire. After accidentally dining out on the president of China’s daughter he is hidden away in a sewer by the establishment till the heat dies down. There he bemoans his woes.

The anniversary walk – a wife walks out on her wedding anniversary with the ghost of her dead husband

The irony of rounding up – a scientist gets slowly drunk telling the story of how his project went horribly wrong.

The long kiss goodbye – An unfaithful wife tells her loving husband she is leaving. She agrees to give him one last kiss. She smears her lips with lip gloss, he smears his with superglue.

The midnight feast – an ambitious vampire throws a dinner party for his master and entourage. The main course is a pair of celebrity chefs.

What dad taught me – a young boy survives an apocalyptic event. He tells of the survival skills his father taught him.

The series got dropped last minute so these, and a ton more, are now available.

I can send more info if required.