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Max Legend
03-26-2017, 12:46 PM
I'm a composer which work was used in trailer campaigns such Captain America:Civil War,Star Treck:Beyond,etc.
What i'm doing here??
Simply if you need a professional composer for your projects here i am.
I'm looking to expand my job as a professional composer.

If you want to ask me to do some tracks or the entire score for projects here i am.
Only thing is that i'm not working for free.
We can discuss about budget of course but not for free.



CJM Sandman
03-26-2017, 01:38 PM
Greetings Max! Do you have a site/ samples? I am always interested in hearing new ideas with composing~

Max Legend
04-11-2017, 02:17 PM
Here are some links:


And here it is the latest trailer featuring a percussion track of mine. 0:26-0:46