View Full Version : Need filmmakers and actresses/actors to collaborate with on short remote drama film

11-30-2016, 06:29 AM
Dear all.
I am a indie movie maker in Vietnam. At this time i intend to make a drama short film in Tokyo, Japan by shooting remotely. This short film is under 15 mins. This film is about a love story a Japanese girl with foreign man over videocall. So i need an Japanese Actress that living in Tokyo, under 30 and can speak English and a someone can shoot. I will make the most detail scheldule for saving shooting time. The final script is still developing. Just have treatment first. Once the script be done it will be on production immediate then. It hard to say that i do it with no budget and any profit but i will try to submit to any contest and share the prize if it can get. The post production will be done by me and other friends from other countries.
If anyone are interested in this please comment on this or leave a message to me. I will update more detail in next post.I hope to receive your applies soon.
This is my film group page and the last short film i do in this year. (of course no budget too. In fact, i am a colorist and video editor, but i love making short movie)
Many thanks