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07-13-2012, 12:58 PM
(Updated to reflect their new name)

Hey Filmmakers,

I wanted to do a review on a vod company aggregator called Walla. My experience with them was not so good. For someone who is listed on iTunes approved aggregators I was very disappointed. When I first completed my film I wanted to use Distribber as a friend of mine has a doc up with them and its made around 50K so far, but when I tried they were not allowing films in. So I used this company who is not called Walla and it was a complete disaster. They treated me like shit and I felt like my film was not good enough for them. Anyway, if you are looking to use Walla I would steer clear of them as they are greedy people. Now they are trying to start a deal like Distribber with a up front payment AND monthly fee, I hope that some people find this because this is the third name now and I think they are trying to loose all of the bad reviews of their old company.