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Scar Tissue Films
08-04-2016, 02:54 AM
Hi guys and girls,

Scar Tissue Films are looking for a Music Composer to help create a soundtrack for our latest short Horror, Captive. Filmed at 4K on the Red Scarlet, Captive is a dark and intense horror film, based on an old Thai legend, and we want a Composer to help create an exhilarating and frightening soundscape.

The film is roughly 18:30 minutes long.

Applicants should have a showreel, highlighting previous work, ideally in the horror field.

Payment is negotiable, but will be at Indie rates.

Applications can be sent to scartissuefilms[at]gmail.com


Rick Kinsella

Scar Tissue Films

Steve Olander
08-06-2016, 06:19 AM
This is right up Sandman's alley. Hopefully you will hear from him.


CJM Sandman
08-08-2016, 07:04 AM
Steve you know me too well! Haha. I did contact them to see about providing some music. Hopefully my name gets thrown into the hat. Hope all is going well my friend!~

Steve Olander
08-09-2016, 06:08 PM
I'm sure you would do an awesome job.


Aaryk Noctivagus
09-06-2016, 04:04 AM
I'm way too late to this thread and I hope all has gone brilliantly with your film.

I'd post my own composer's music links here, but I hope you've had a great time with whichever composer you selected and I wouldn't wish to risk treading on another composers toes if I offered for future work here... if you advertise in future, hopefully I'll see and be in time :)

CJM Sandman
10-26-2016, 12:44 PM
I wonder if he ended up going with someone! I'd love to hear the score~

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