View Full Version : Do You Think Deleted And Alternate Scenes Count?

01-09-2016, 02:57 AM
Hi, I recently watched The Gift (absolutely mind blowingly awesome film by the way) and I thought that the ending was really smart and interesting. But I just watched a deleted alternate ending (that I will not spoil) and I (and the obviously the director) thought that it lowered the films quality had it been in the theatrical cut. So do you think that a deleted or alternate scene counts in the film's "canon" and that it should affect your opinion and the quality of the film? I am not sure myself...

01-09-2016, 11:43 AM
NO. Part (a big part) of filmmaking is the editing, and the decision-making that goes into the final cut. I believe you should judge any movie on its final version. However, I give filmmakers lots of credit for sharing the wrong choices that they almost made.

02-13-2018, 09:24 AM
no way. If it didn't make the final cut, then it's purely for lolz and not really a part of the actual story. that's why it's cut!

Walter B
02-13-2018, 01:33 PM
They are called deleted scenes for a reason.

Adjusting your opinion based on deleted scenes would be like judging a movie on their blooper reel in the credits or watching the bad takes.
It makes no sense.

02-15-2018, 06:50 AM
Whenever I do see deleted scenes, I always regret watching them! Always so bad, that you have to wonder why they even filmed them in the first place.

Walter B
02-15-2018, 06:54 AM
lol, you never cut a shot or a scene that looked good on paper but didn't work or was not needed on screen?