View Full Version : Do you need a fake screen?

sane insylum
12-25-2015, 03:44 PM
You know, like hacker software, sci-fi computer screen, a motion detector/alarm system going off...

Thats what I feel like doing. I just got done with my last project, and this has been an interesting project thats been my head for a while.

Preferably, if interactive, for a computer screen, or android. IOS is fine if you have a mac to compile on.
If non-interactive, I could throw it at you in pretty much any format you would want to use. Still image, almost any kind of video you could use, etc.

I wouldnt have a problem learning after effects for a Minority Report setup, but I'd be using tools I already know to design it and learn the after effects part after.(or if you can "after effects" it, I could just design it)

All I need is as much info you want to give me about your vision and details about how it fits into your scene.

For the scale of project I figure I'll find here, it will probably be free. I'm ok with a larger scale, but might try some negotiation.

Email me at saneinsylum (a-t) gmail dot com if you are any kind of interested. I will respond with a yes, or why I can't/won't