View Full Version : Problem with black bars in my video (Adobe premier pro)

Hygge film
10-20-2015, 12:07 PM
Hello everyone!

I just registered to this forum, and I have a huge issue. I've been googling and youtube-ing it all day. I got black bars to the left and right of my video. I use adobe premier pro!

This does not show in the editing window, everything looks perfect there. It also looks perfect when i click on "output" on the export settings. I have scale to fit, and I think I have the right aspect ratio. What the problem may be is that the sequense settings. And I think that's strange, since I made a sequence out of the gopro clips I've been using in the video.

Anyways, these are my sequense settings:
Timebase: 59,94 frames/second
Size: 1280x960 (VERTICAL 4:3)
Aspect ratio: Square pixels (1.0)
No fields (progressive scan)
60 fps non-drop-frame-timecode


I'm trying to export this with:
Format: H.264
Youtube 720 HD (Or 1080p HD, or normal 1080p. tried everything here..)
I use the same width as source footage: 1280x980
Frame rate: 59,94
field order: progressive
aspect: square pixels

TV standard: NTSC
Profile: Main
Level: 4.2
bitrate encoding: VBR, 2 pass
bitrate 15-25

Why does this not work? Is the sequence settings the problem? If so how can I fix this?

When I manually change the aspect from square pixels 1.0 to custom : 4x3 I can see the black bars in the preview window. I can not see the black bars with the settings I wrote up there...Why does this look perfect, but come out with ugly black bars? :( Please help...

Anonymous Filmmaker
10-20-2015, 01:57 PM
It is because of your aspect ratio. Switch to an aspect ration of 16:9 to get rid of the bars on the side. You can do this for example with a resolution of 1920:1080, which is consider full HD.