View Full Version : Feature Mind masters - recommend on coverage

James Feliciano
09-09-2015, 02:49 PM
This SciFi script has received a Recommend on Coverage from Barb Doyon at Extreme Screenwriting.

LOGLINE: In 2035, a disgraced cop joins with a con artist and a hooker to fight a corporation that markets clean consciences by mind-stamping crime memories from its clients into some poor sucker's brain, but the cop soon discovers an implanted memory in his own head has made him the prime suspect in a murder.

I've placed in the past in Page (2014) and Scriptapalooza (2012) with other scripts.

The price for the script is negotiable and can include a percentage of the profits.

I've attached a twelve page sample of the script.

If your are interested further, please email me at jamesfeliciano[at]mac.com. I will be glad to send the full script along with any other requested details.