View Full Version : Paid Job Affordable Composer in search of projects to score

Magna Scores
07-11-2015, 10:32 AM
I'm trying to build a portfolio for film work, and am looking for movies to provide a score to.

I have been writing music for several years, and have had experience in composing for film in the past.

My fee works around the film's budget so I can guarantee to be affordable no matter how big or small your production is.

I offer a wide variety of musical styles to suit your film perfectly, and music which will make it even more memorable.

As a lover of movies myself, I understand the passion behind the medium, and that a rich score can add a layer of emotion to any film.

For more info, and to hear some demos of my music, check out my (basic) website:
http:// tomburchell456.wix.com /tomburchellcomposer

I look forward to getting on board with some projects!