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Roddie Miller
06-23-2015, 09:17 PM
Hi there,
New on the block to the forum. I am in desperate need of an artist out there who can do both realistic style drawing and/or unique graphic design (logos, event flyers, etc.) I have nothing to pay you, at least not right now. This is my own personal venture into the film work to bring smiles, laughter, and fun. I need someone with a passion. Feel free to get in to contact with me for more details.
Thanks in advance.

07-08-2015, 08:02 AM
In addition to my videos, I'm a designer who works in comics. Tho' I can't do a whole lot of work for free, I've offered elsewhere on this forum to help out with logo designs for free...to support the members of this site.

I've been crazy busy what with the San Diego Comic-con coming up, but things'll slow down when the show is over.

You can see my work here:


Get in touch with me directly: khathawayart[at]gmail.com

That goes for anyone else, too.

Kurt Hathaway
VikingDream7 Productions
Video Production & Editing