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05-03-2015, 04:38 PM
Hi guys, checkout my new video I made.
I produced and mastered the audio myself. For the audio I used Cubase 8, Maschine 2.2 and Kontakt 5.
For the video, I used After Effects CC and Premiere Pro CC.

Michael Law - The Prowler (Original Song)


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FOR BEHIND THE SCENES (How the video was created from start to finish)

Song Credits
"The Prowler" - Music & Lyrics Written By Michael Law

Video Credits
Audio Produced, Mastered - By Michael Law
Video Recorded, Edited - By Michael Law
Digital Colourist - By Michael Law
Visual Effects - By Michael Law
Lighting Technician - By Michael Law
Vocals, Backing Vocals and All Instruments - By Michael Law
Software: Cubase 8, Maschine 2.2, Kontakt 5