View Full Version : Rendering & Exporting

AndreiB Productions
04-26-2015, 01:23 AM
Hello Everyone,

I've been doing music videos for sone time , but there is something that really annoys me :

My out of cam quality excellent , but i really don't know what rendering to use so i don't loose quality .
I have tried h264 , with 100mbps , and even more ,i have 1gb for a 3 minute video ,and i still loose a lot of my original footage quality , and when i upload it to youtube it's even more disastrous .

How does the cinema films , which you buy in blu ray for example , have a perfect quality for a 120 minutes movie with only 8 gb (and even less)

And how not to loose quality while uploading on youtube , like VEVO videos ?

Thank you very much !