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12-03-2014, 10:44 AM
Disney isn't really releasing their 3D films in the US anymore. So, I have to buy the region free UK versions.

Beauty and the Beast was a pre-order and Maleficent was just being released.

Maleficent was shipped with a due date of Nov 17. Beauty had a due date of Dec 1.

Nov 17 rolls around and I receive Beauty. So, I sent an e-mail asking where Maleficent was. I was told if it didn't arrive by the 21st let them know and they'd issue a replacement. On the 21st I replied that it had not arrived. But, I asked if it's possible that they got the discs mixed up because Beauty arrived the day Maleficent was suppose to. I was told that's impossible, the first disc just got lost and they'd send a replacement.

Maleficent finally arrived on Dec 1st.

Today I got the replacement.


LOVED the movie. I just wish they'd have delved into the characters more instead of relying on the CGI. Because the performances were delightful, though the overall story was quite predictable.