View Full Version : Hitchcock Collection

09-04-2014, 10:11 AM
There's a bunch of Alfred Hitchcock box sets...

14 disc Masterpiece Collection that goes for $90
15 disc Masterpiece Collection that goes for $145 (it just has North by Northwest as the extra)
16 disc Ultimate Collection that goes for about $160 each film comes in a tiny reel tin enclosed in a plastic case.

The extra money for either the 15 - 16 disc addition wasn't worth it. So, for the longest time I hemmed and hawed over paying $90 for the 14 disc. I finally decided to buy it, and just before I paid, I saw they had a Used copy for $67. New or used I don't care. So, I bought the used copy.

What arrives in the mail? The 16 disc Ultimate Collection.

Whew Hew, Alfred Hitchcock marathon here I come!