View Full Version : Short "The House" - Short Horror Script - Great for Filmmakers Just Starting Out!

08-28-2014, 06:52 PM

My name is Jojo King. I'm a writer and have written many scripts throughout my time writing. Currently my credits are coming from a number of Graphic Novels being published in the near future and I would love to start getting into film. I've always loved film and it was one of the reasons I got into the GN scene, since they are both pretty much visual mediums.

This script is for the first part in what can be a stand alone short or the start of a web series. It follows a family of a mother, daughter, and son as they move into a new house. But this house has a doorway that allows evils to enter our world, and people to enter its twisted dimension. The family get caught up in a demented secret and must band together to close this portal once and for all.

5 cast members would be needed, one setting (a two story house), and zero to very minimal special effects. This is a moody piece that I think would be good for any starting filmmakers. Of course experienced ones are free to contact me as well. I'm unable to attach the script so if any one is interested, feel free to PM me or you can email me at: jojokuk[at]yahoo[dot]com