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08-05-2014, 11:27 AM
To whom it may concern,

My name is Russell Davis. I have written eight scripts, three shorts,
a novel called Jersey, and a comic book. I have also written for the
G.o.o.d.s. magazine as an entertainment journalist. Ive also wrote
reviews for True Blood, Dollhouse, and Heroes as well as movie
reviews. I have one film that is in production called Entitled and
another film called The Void being looked at by three companies
Paper Street Films, Minds Eye Entertainment, and Villain Pictures. Im
writing this query letter to see if youre interested in my script
P.A.M. It's a low - medium budget script with few locations. This film is
written along the lines of The Crazies, Dawn of the Dead, and DeadGirl.

Log line: When a small town is overrun by a cannibalistic outbreak a
small group of survivors attempt to find a cure inside a military hospital.


Shelia awakes to find the town's residents has turned into flesh eating,
sexually charged, zombie like creatures. She is attacked and is quickly
rushed off into the military hospital. Inside the hospital she realizes that
her nightmare has just begun when the infected begin to turn. She
reluctantly befriends a soldier to escape the hospital, but he is badly
bitten. He manages to get her to the ammo room when they learn of a
cure that could end the mayhem. They meet up with John and Dean,
two friends that survived the mayhem outside the hospital walls, who
also are in desperate need of the cure. Together they fight through the
horde of the infected in search of the one thing that could save their town
and maybe the world.

The script contains strong language, disturbing sexual content, violence,
and gore. The script is available upon request. You can contact me at Xzilez26[at]gmail.com