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Ranger 7 Studios
03-19-2012, 02:39 AM
Hello everyone!

We are a brand new small indie film company called Ranger 7 Studios in the NYC/CT area and we are about to turn our Sci Fi web series, Ranger 7, in to a pitch pilot for television.

Ranger 7 tells the story of our hero, Matthew Granger, Ranger number 7, who is the last of an intergalactic peace keeping force called the Rangers.

Our pilot begins 5 years after the Great War between the Nar-ree and the aligned worlds. When the evil Lord Furlong resurfaces, he threatens to destroy the League, and plots revenge against our hero Matthew Granger. Ranger 7 is needed once more!

Ranger 7 is an epic Space Western with twists, turns, and excitement around every corner!

Please check out our website and our indiegogo.com fundraiser and help us raise funds to make this pilot!

Also please feel free to Face Book Tweet, and share with your friends!
Thanks for stopping by!

Ranger 7 the series- Pitch Pilot -- Indiegogo (http://www.indiegogo.com/Ranger-7-the-series-Pitch-Pilot?c=home)

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Ranger 7 Studios
03-19-2012, 02:43 AM
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