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03-28-2014, 10:37 AM
Short drama script available:


Logline: A crazed old man believes he can bring back a lost fishing boat crew by displaying Christmas light.

Synopsis: A village on a fog bound coast morns the loss of a fishing boat and it's crew on Christmas eve. George Barnwell, the town's old eccentric who use to greet the boys with tea when they returned from the sea, is convinced that they are not lost. On the beach he finds a broken fishing lure. As he lifts it, it flashed in the sun. Out on the mist covered sea, something flashes back.

George, convinced that the boys are looking for a way home, tries to convice the villagers to put up their Christmas light to help them. But the villages are too deep in morning to celebrate. George's insistence turns that morning into anger, and they turn on him.

George decides he will have to do it himself. As the night begins to fall, he struggles to string Christmas lights along the pier. This inflames the village, and they march down to the pier to stop him.

Will George succeed in his plan, or will the villagers destroy his work, and perhaps George too?1414