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03-07-2014, 01:43 PM
By George Snow

118 pages horror/comedy/romance

Year: 2175
Place: New York City

Zombie Territory runs from Battery Park to 23rd St
Vampires own 43rd to Harlem
24th to 42nd is the Neutral Zone where Zombies eat vampires, and vampires bash zombies into oblivion.
The remaining human population live in ghettos of starvation and despair across the river.

What could these species have in common? What could bring them together? MUSIC!

The Battle of the Bands 2175

Vampire Band
Zombie Band
Human Band
Mixed Band (vampire/zombie/human) *pending verification

These are the eligible categories for musicians worldwide.

What will the lucky winner receive?

A valley protected by an electrified security fence.
A restored farmhouse equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio.
Peace, quiet, serenity.
Oh, and the piece de resistance: A barn filled with human cattle to eat, breed, and enjoy.

Battle of the Bands tells the inspirational story of a vampire band, a zombie band, and the humanity that lies within us all. Even if we don't have a heartbeat.

PS: This is an original, unique take on vampire and zombie lore.