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02-22-2014, 10:14 AM
NOTE: by Admin of FilmmakerForum

gearcuttingtool.com is spamming websites, and has been reported to Google for spam and I (Admin) will leave this post up so the owners can see that whoever they hired for their SEO is doing a terrible job.

gearcuttingtool.com spam

gearcuttingtool.com blackhat seo

gearcuttingtool.com is fake, do not shop there.

gearcuttingtool.com is a fraud website. DO not buy.

Have you ever tried to shop at gearcuttingtool.com ? Well you should not because this website thinks its ok to come into a filmmaking forum and spam to try and get backlinks to their website. So instead of deleting their post we will leave it up and be sure the original post is reported to google spam team.....