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03-10-2012, 05:23 PM
Feature Length Spaghetti Western

Shoot-outs with bushwhackers and Indians, saloon brawls, friendships forged in the furnace of fear ... standing up to bad guys, falling in love with beautiful girls, doing what a man has to do ... it's time for these things to ride into town again.

Ten Guns to Libertad

LOGLINE: There's no help out there. No law. No nothing.

The year is 1867, and a bunch of Spanish soldiers has landed in Texas, intent on marching to Mexico, to help fight against the French. They need a guide to get them across the magnificent American wilderness. Not just any guide. The very best. They need Rafferty.

Will Rafferty take on this crazy assignment, and run the gauntlet of Texan badlands and Mexican volcanoes? You KNOW he will ...