View Full Version : Game composer/arranger searching for projects to explore the world of film scores

01-31-2014, 07:55 AM

I am Anthony, a freelancer composer/arranger/performer/sound engineer, mainly working on video game soundtracks, original arrangements and mixing/mastering tracks. To pay my due respect to film composers that I'm fond of (such as Howard Shore) and explore/learn the art of film scoring, I have decided to post of these forums and possibly collaborate with someone on a few projects.

Since I'm primarily a game composer, most of my portfolio are short melodic themes, usually progressive rock style, however, I have also scored an indie horror/suspense film (which is not aired yet). Tools at my disposal are ability to orchestrate, record live performances of a rock band and arrange a wide array of synthesized and sampled sounds. In addition, I can take up the role of the sound engineer and mix/master/finalize the sound of a given film.

I'm not very experienced in film scoring (at least not as much as I'd want to be), so unless the workload of the project is too big or I'm completely disinterested in a given project, I will probably do it just for a mention in the credits and a box of internet chocolate.

Contact information, music samples, bio and various links (such as SoundCloud and Youtube) can be found on my website:

Thank you for your attention.