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12-02-2013, 03:45 PM
I've written a twelve-page short horror script called Hooker. It takes place in one location, features two characters, and can be produced very cheaply.


While parked in his car in a rural area, an aggressive young man confronts a prostitute.


The story is a variation on the popular urban legend "The Hook." Francis, a young man, and a prostitute he has picked up named Teresa are parked in his car late at night. They are in a rural area and Teresa is uneasy because of how sexually and psychologically aggressive Francis is.

A radio report comes on the car's radio and alerts the audience of an escaped killer from a local mental asylum. The killer is armed with a hook for a hand. Teresa becomes very scared while Francis gets very aggravated by her because he wants to have sex. He quickly turns off the radio and starts to feel on her. The nervous young prostitute looks toward the backseat where she sees the blade of a knife brightly glimmer toward her. Fearful of why Francis has that in his car, she pushes him away from her.

Francis yells at her until suddenly a loud banging noise is heard on the hood of the car. Teresa is scared and wants Francis to go see what it was. He reluctantly does so and looks outside where he sees a large tree branch on the hood. He smiles as he gets back inside his vehicle. He looks toward Teresa where he sees her taking off her plastic right hand, revealing a sharp hook beneath the hand. Now realizing she is the escaped killer, he looks on in horror as she stabs his crotch several times with the weapon before she slices his chest open with it, murdering him.

She turns the radio back on where the report finishes about how the escaped killer is a young female who may very well be walking the streets in town right now. She listens to the report while she twists her right plastic hand back over her now-blood-stained hook.

Link to script:


I'm still looking to have my first script produced and gain experience in the film industry.

If you are interested in reading my script just e-mail me at rhonnief[at]yahoo.com

My screenplays Louise and Personal Space were selected as runners-up in the 2012 Midnight Black Screenplay Contest.

My script Barber Shop Madness was recently optioned by Farnaz Samii Productions.

Thank you for your time.

Ronald Fordham

XS Indie
04-22-2014, 07:59 AM
Ooh wow I just read this and damn that's a good script you have there, very well done with it and I love the writing it feels very natural. Really good stuff and are you still thinking of letting someone use this?