View Full Version : Feature Screenplay for sale. Think 'The Island' and 'In Time' combined

02-25-2012, 12:26 AM
'Sleep' is a feature screeenplay about Plum Island where experimentations on humans
are being carried out and sanctioned by five Governments including the United States. There are numerous colonies of human subjects, but 'Sleep' focuses on Colony 1 where the subjects have been genetically modified not to sleep. The logline is as follows:

32 year old Curtis 0080 discovers a natural ability to sleep after being involved in a freak accident. With help he escapes from Plum Island; his home from birth and eventually realizes that the place is only an experimental set up and that he's just one other subject. Now he must decide to wait for a Congress legislation to help him liberate the Island or go about the whole liberation his own way.

If interested you can reach me at ubonganyang[at]gmail.com, ub2luckbob[at]yahoo.com