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EAGLEMAN – Fantasy/Adventure - This story can best be
described as “Lord of the Rings” meets “The Chronicles of
Narnia” inspired by the first and last books of the “Bible”
It’s a classic story of good verses evil on a Biblical
scale which will be enjoyed by the entire family.
(102 pages)

EAGLEMAN 2 (The Continuing Story) – Fantasy/Adventure -
This story is of the son of Eagleman who takes up the sword
of justice to fight for the never-ending quest for freedom.
(92 pages)

EAGLEMAN 3 (Reconciliation) Fantasy/Adventure – When a
young teen finds out his ancestor was the famous legend

Eagleman, he must make a decision as to whether he can beat
the powers of evil and save mankind. (97 pages)

EAGLEMAN 4 (The Dragon) Fantasy/Adventure – The history of
China unfolds in this tale of freedom and liberty which is
fought for by all human beings in their search for justice.
(98 pages)

DeMichael rides into town all Hell breaks loose as he does
battle with four mysterious gunmen and the Devil. Things
take a turn for the worse when he realizes that he is
Michael the Arch Angel and all mankind is at stake as
prophesized in the bible. “THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY
meets THE OMEN” (89 pages)

THE ROAD TO GETTYSBURG – Historical - Abraham Lincoln, from
his early days as boy exploited as slave labor by his own
father who would rent him out to farms as a field hand, to
his becoming the greatest emancipator in American history.
(94 pages)

THE BIG AIR – Teen Drama - Skateboard champ of his
hometown, a teen finds himself seeing a bleak future in
Hell for his friends and himself if they don’t all change
their ways and accept Jesus Christ as their personal
savior. (68 pages)

THE MANLEY WAY – Christian Film – When Derrick Manley
discovers his younger brother Frank is claiming to be a
homosexual, Derrick fears for his brother’s soul but
struggling through many trials and tribulations finally
succeeds in bringing him home to Jesus Christ.
(98 pages)

Paine... writer, pirate, patriot. The life story of an
unlikely and fairly unknown Founding Father, and American
Hero of the Revolutionary War.
(95 Pages)

AZALEA – Adventure – A teenager goes in search of the
mystical land of ‘Azalea’ to rescue his parents being held
by the evil witch, Baba Yaga. It’s “INDIANA JONES meets
HARRY POTTER” in this fantastic tale with Christian
Concepts. (102 pages)

THE EDGES OF KNIGHT - Fantasy/Adventure – A modern
retelling of the adventures of Faust and the time traveling
he does to encounter himself and those around him in
history. He discovers to his own chagrin that he is not
master of his own destiny but is a servant of the Lord as
all people are. (89 pages)

THE EVIL EMPIRE – Action/Adventure – It’s East vs. West as
a young man and the girl he loves save the world and bring
freedom to a world on the brink of nuclear annihilation.
(89 pages)

RED RAIN - Fantasy/Adventure – One man’s mad cap adventure
through a maze of political puppets which eventually opens
his eyes to the truth. (88 pages)

A BOY AND HIS WHALE - Fantasy/Adventure – A modern version
of the Bibles ‘Jonah and the Whale’ combined with a ‘“The
Chronicles of Narnia” make for a perfect film for families
of all faiths. (93 pages)

SHINING CITY UPON A HILL: - Historical - Reveals the heart,
soul and spiritual journey of Ronald Reagan. From a young
Chicago sportscaster, to leading man in motion pictures,
and on to becoming President and one of America's most
beloved historical figures. (107 pages)

ARMAGEDDON – Action/Adventure – An exciting yet frightening
telling of the Book of Revelations and all that it entails.
A young man and his friends encounter evil and destruction
and at the last moment the young man discovers that he is
‘Michael the Arch Angel’ and will be doing battle with
Satan (90 pages)

orator Patrick Henry comes to life in this personal story
of courage and conviction which pushed him to empower his
fellow Founding Fathers to rise up against tyranny in the
early colonies. (102 pages)

THE IRON DOOR (The Short Life and Long Death of Lin Zhao) –
Based on a True Story – The last decade of a young poet’s
life in a Chinese prison after she was sentenced to 20
years of torture because of her belief that freedom and
liberty are the rights of all human beings. When she
refused to be spiritually broken by her tormentors they
eventually executed her to hide their crime from the eyes
of history. This her story. (85 pages)

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