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10-30-2013, 01:18 PM
Please note: I AM NEGOTIABLE - Shoot me a message with any reasonable offer and I WILL consider it.

================================================== =======
PURE DARKNESS: Not a sound until...

... a small star shoots across the blackened screen and suddenly explodes half the screen into a bright array of colorful light as an orchestra plays dramatic yet beautiful music.
The spectrum of lights spin and twirl until arranging themselves into familiar constellations in a peaceful galaxy.

The separate light and dark halves of the universe combine into one as a choir sings. Suddenly butterflies fill the sky and flutter about. After a bit, they softly float down to a beautiful awaiting garden.

This is an especially colorful and sweet smelling garden. It’s overgrown with fruits and vegetables of all colors, shapes, and sizes. A chipmunk scurries past as a bluebird flies through the air, lands on a tree branch and sings to its hearts content. Suddenly we hear the SOUND of a YOUNG WOMAN’s blood curdling scream. She runs into the clearing, followed by a YOUNG MAN who looks determined to catch her.
They are completely naked. She jumps behind a tree and he tries to grab at her but she keeps alluding him. She sees her opportunity and makes a break for it. But he’s too fast and corners her at a thicket.

Please contact me at records_office[at]calamuniv.edu if you are interested in my screenplay!!!