View Full Version : Inverse Kinematics (Character Rigging/Animating) All inside After Effects

Klay M Abele
10-30-2013, 12:48 PM
Hey, I've got coming up next two things:
1. A tutorial on how to create, rig, and animate characters all inside of after effects.
2. A "Lets Play" video of DayZ, since the Alpha will be released soon.

I know most won't care much for the "Lets Play", I do however intend on really polishing it off though and make sure thats it's entertaining and informative from a noobies perspective on the game.


The Intro Animation for the "Let's Play" video, screenshot attached, was all created in After Effects. The character was created with only shape layers and the BG was just a photo that I separated with masks and placed in 3D space for slight paralaxing.

I'll post the final video when complete. The tutorial will most likely take a little bit longer to complete. Stay tuned.