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10-04-2013, 11:04 AM

Feature-length script, Blood Red Christmas for sale.

This script placed in the quarter-finals of the 2012 Page International Screenwriting Awards
(Proof can and will be provided upon request.)

Title: Blood Red Christmas
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Budget: Ultra Low - $10,000 - $50,000
WGAE Reg # - l239855
US Copyright Reg # - PAu003623569

*Asking price for script: $1,000.00 in addition to my name retained as written by and/or screenwriter in film credits and the film's IMDB page. - I am not asking for residuals.*

*However, if you want to buy all rights/copyright to this script in order to change title or add/omit scenes, my name not attached, then I am asking $2,000.00 total.*

Having witnessed the slaughter of her family ten years before, a mentally disturbed young woman
begins to question her own mind when the killer comes back to haunt her.

On Christmas Eve 2002, a man dressed as Santa Claus comes to the door of the Spencer household,
forces his way inside and brutally murders the mother, father and eldest son, while he makes the
daughter watch. A few weeks later, a former psychiatric patient Earl White admits full
responsibility for the killings and is sentenced to life imprisonment without parole, a successful
conclusion to a short investigation led by Detective James Grayson.

The young girl left alive by the killer is eight year old Laura Spencer. Her legal guardians,
grandparents Bert and Dorothy Spencer take her to psychiatrist Dr. Meyer, a close friend of the
family, who takes personal responsibility for her rehabilitation.

Ten years later, Laura is released from psychiatric hospital and taken by Dr. Meyer to a run down
social services provided apartment in an impoverished part of the city. Bert has since died and
Dorothy has been admitted to a care home. Apart from Meyer, Laura is alone. As soon as Meyer
leaves, Laura immediately disposes of her medication. She unpacks the small amount of belongs
she has collected over the years and on one wall creates a collage of press clippings and newspaper
articles that point to an obsessive belief that Earl White may not be guilty.

A new detective, John Holding, relocated to the police department starts investigating her case
without Grayson's knowledge. He finds inconsistencies, talks to White and becomes convinced of
his innocence.

Laura visits Valerie, her old boss, and agrees to begin work again the following day, trying as best
she can to rebuild a normal life. That evening Laura hallucinates and sees her brother hiding in the
shadows of the corridor outside her room. Meanwhile, Santa visits Valerie and kills her, making it
look like an accident. Everyone is fooled. The coroner reports it as a heart attack, but Laura isn't
convinced. She thinks the killer is back again.

Over the next few days, her hallucinations increase in strength and frequency. She hears voices and
sees her family members everywhere. This culminates in Laura finding her room trashed one
evening and crosses drawn on photos of her family members. Meyer re-medicates her, and in the
morning she rushes to the care home to find that her Grandmother has died.

Laura is now a complete mess. She goes to see Grayson who eventually agrees to get a detective to
ask some questions. He gives it to Holding, with the specific instruction of proving to Laura that the
killer is already incarcerated. After that, Laura goes to see Meyer. Meyer hypnotizes her and she
regresses to the night before. She sees herself destroy her own room and doctor the pictures after a
phone call from Meyer informing her of the death of her Grandmother. She's devastated.
Laura doesn't know what to think. She seems hollow inside.
Over the next few days she clears her room, takes her pills and tries to forget about what has happened.
The hallucinations go away.

Despite Laura's admission and Grayson's protestations, Holding continues to investigate. He goes to
see Dr Meyer and speaks directly with Laura. Laura admits responsibility for the break-in and tells
Holding she'll be fine. Holding gives her his business card and tells her to call him if she needs to.

That evening Santa finally comes for Laura, and reveals his true identity. She manages to fight him
off and escapes into a taxi to Detective Holding's house. Santa follows her, shoots Holding, and
Holding's wife and is about to kill Laura when Holding, inches away from death, drives an axe into
Santa's back. Laura takes the opportunity while she can, picks up Santa's gun and shoots him, while
Holding's young boy Toby watches and soon learns to mock Santa’s actions in the final scene as
Laura's fears are put to rest, and the coffin of her killer descends into the earth.

* See full script attached to this post.

If you have any questions regarding the script, feel free to contact me at screenwriter[at]veronicavalentini.com or call me at work (206)666-5801 and leave all pertinent info/voicemail and I will get back to you ASAP.

***Please note: I AM NEGOTIABLE - Shoot me a message with any reasonable offer and I WILL consider it.