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08-13-2013, 10:13 AM
It's time I updated my SFX reel. You can see the old one here:


Though to be fair, it's really motion graphics and not a lot of FX, per se.

I come from the world of film where I did lots of FX for my own small productions: Fire, Stop-Motion animation, 2D animation, forced perspective, space ship shots, explosions, etc. All on Super-8 or 16mm.

Special effects is what got me interested in film in the first place. From the 1933 King Kong to Star Wars.

I worked in the Hollywood system for a while in editing and now run my own [small] production company.

IMDB creds –– incomplete list:

Anyway, I need to update my reel and I figured rather than just make up stuff to create on my own, I thought I would tailor-make stuff for an actual production. So if any of you are making a sci-fi or fantasy style film [any genre really] and need some FX shots, maybe I can create those for your project--as long as I can also use it in my FX reel.

Smaller stuff is better for my schedule and I may not be able to take on all offers, but I thought I'd toss it there and see what bubbles to the top.

I can use your footage and add to it or make up stuff on my end as long as I don't need your actor, etc. And this offer would include short motion graphics projects, too.

I have a pretty good collection of muzzle flashes, bullet hits, fire, some blood splatter, etc.

Kurt Hathaway
VikingDream7 Productions
Video Production & Editing


08-13-2013, 02:00 PM
Hey I liked it! But if I may be straight forward on my thoughts; I thought it was a bit 1990s looking. Other then that very cool

Klay M Abele
08-14-2013, 05:50 AM
I agree with Eric, I would work on your typography and motion curves. I'd steer away from stretching text or use it sparingly, check out http://ae.tutsplus.com/ for some diverse styles. Keep at it, as you've got a great grasp of AE.

09-07-2013, 10:28 AM
A couple takers, so I'll put those requests in my schedule.

I shot some green screen spaceship stuff couple weeks back and have been busy creating compositing assets: laser blasts, exhaust ports, blinking lights and other cool stuff to add to the shots.

Been upgrading all my AE plug-ins, too--so I have all the neat tools to make the assets.

When I get enough together maybe I'll upload some assets for free download and use.

Kurt Hathaway
VikingDream7 Productions
Video Production & Editing