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07-06-2013, 03:04 AM
This work is a short (one of a series) Episode 1

Title: The Bagram Diaries

Genre: Drama

Length: 15 pages (15-25 mins)

WGA: Registered

Rating: PG/PG13


Jerry - male 45
Tina - female 45
Gary - male 60
Pop - male 60-something
Ahmed (middle eastern) male 35
Carl - male 45
4 males (45-55)

3 un-casted middle eastern males
3 un-casted medics

1 - A conex office
2 - A construction site
3 - A hangar
4 - A conference room
5 - A guard tower
6 - An office

Major Props:
Office equipment
Office furniture
A vaccum truck
An ambulance
A fire truck

FX - Explosion, Fire, Sound

The trials and triumphs of civilian contractors supporting the U.S. Armyís mission at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan are chronicled by the projectís security manager in this Ďinspired by actual eventsí drama.

Bagram Air Base, located in Parwan, Afghanistan is the US Armyís primary base of operations in the Northern portion of the country. After the US invasion in 2002, the Pentagon began a program to augment military capabilities by hiring civilian contracting firms to perform numerous non-combat roles to support operations. By 2004, the storyís setting Bagram was 60% civilian and 40% military.

This program quickly placed ordinary people into an extremely abnormal circumstance. Being an active war zone, the base and its occupants are constantly haunted by a deadly Taliban who once owned the airbase and now want it back.
Named the Civilian Capabilities Augmentation Program (CIVCAP), the project was built around a handful of former military personnel now turned contractor who manage a workforce of professionals, craftsmen, and laborers who are for the most part regular civilians.

The story is told through the eyes and diary entries of Jerry Paul, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel now security manager for the project. He manages a large security staff who like himself are all former soldiers. His character serves as the link between the military world they support and the civilians on the project.

The story begins when Jerry is visited by a fellow project member, Pop, who like Jerry is retired military. While Jerry is driven by his need to protect, Pop is driven by his desire to serve the troops so much so he runs the team of men who cleans out portable toilets. Itís a nasty job, but if the troops need it done, Pop will do it.

Today, the Taliban will conduct a rocket attack on the base just as the newly hired civilian contractors land. Despite the projectís and security teamís best efforts, casualties do occur. Pop, the selfless loveable old soldier, is killed during the attack.

Jerry summarizes the dayís events in his diary and explores the reasons why these ordinary people have placed themselves into such a circumstance. It is a eulogy to Pop, who unlike most of the regular civilians had a driving desire to serve the soldiers he loved so dearly, even if it meant his death in doing so.

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