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07-06-2013, 02:12 AM
This work is an 'old school' horror piece reminiscent of some long admired favorites.

Title: Fear the Night

Genre: Horror

Rating: (open PG/PG13/R)

Length: 18 pages (20 -30 mins)

WGAE: Registered

Few FX - rain, lightning, sound

No animation


Chance - Male 19/20
Geoff - Male 19/20
Regina - Female 19/20
Professor - Male 45
Pam - Female 45
10 or so un-casted extras (college age)


1 - Dorm room
2 - Classroom
3 - Parking lot
4 - Cemetery
5 - Farm house


1 SUV, 1 car
Furnishings for locations
Movie posters

Logline: A college student studying myth and religion in school has a real-life supernatural encounter.


Chance Keller, a sophomore at Midtown College, has lost his soldier father to an enemy rocket a year prior, Thanksgiving the year prior.

He confides in his screwball roommate that he wants to get home
especially for the holidays because during this time there are large spikes in criminal activity and home invasions in his rural community and his mother is now alone there.

Today, the day before the Thanksgiving holiday break, Chance attends his Myth and Religion class in which the professor discusses the phenomenon of mythical black dogs in European and Middle Eastern myth. These apparitions can be both good and evil or can be either the protector of nighttime travelers or their pending doom.

As he engages in discussion with the professor and other students, a strange Goth girl, Regina, recognizes something in Chance that he doesn't recognize in himself.

Intrigued with Chance, Regina corners him in the hallway after class and cons him into a future date, and to ensure he returns from the holiday to live up to his date, she gives him a charm, a pentagram with a wolf's head. Chance reluctantly accepts the gift and then heads out on a long drive home through stormy weather.

On his way home he stops by the cemetery to 'talk' to his father. Here we find out that his soldier father was a member of an Army unit whose motto was - We are wolfhound, Fear the night.

The remainder provided upon contact

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