View Full Version : Sale: Item Vintage Nagra IV-S for selling!

06-22-2013, 04:50 AM
Hi people,

I would like to sell Nagra IV-S (stereo). My very good Client asked me to help with selling it because I can speak English. The location is Moscow Russia.

I made some pics and you can see the incredible condition of the item.

It's the best machine to make SOUND for FILMS!

Personally I love German Vintage and this piece of art from Switzerland is really of the highest quality ever reached by humanity. Built like a tank, quietest background sound ever, best preamps and sweet sound. When I saw it first time it looked like a UFO not from the past but from the future :)! Probably its the best tape machine ever manufactured.

You can also check some videos of Nagra on the youtube.
The price is $5000. I will ship it at my expense Internationally.
You can pay me via PayPal or bankwire.

Thanks for your time and looking my post!