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06-07-2013, 03:04 PM
My first LOVE is music.

The first song I remember playing over and over COTTON FIELDS by the Wilburn Brothers. (I once played BAD's Other 99 in headphones for about 8 hours straight. Yes, I was drinking)

The first song I remember feeling a part of, though I thought the Girl part was strange and wrong... Georgie Girl.

The first 45 I remember buying "Close to You" by The Carpenters.

My first Live Rock Concert LED ZEPPELIN - Madison Square Garden 36 years ago TONIGHT June 7, 1977. Show should have started at 8pm, but Zep came on at 9. I haven't stopped going since. Monday I saw The Stranglers, last night I went to see Patty Griffin (who is dating Robert Plant) and then flew across town to see The Secret History. Which is a great unknown pop/synth band. Their lead singer is Lisa Ronson, daughter of Mick Ronson. Mick was Bowie's guitarist on Space Oddity and throughout the Ziggy years.

http://www.thesecrethistory.net/music/ (http://www.thesecrethistory.net)