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05-26-2013, 08:06 AM
105th Legion Cinematic " Sarcifice

Hi my name is Eliot, and I am a Starting Entrepreneur.

I recently took on a challenge of trying to make a 3D animation film. The film is a back story to my little brand.

Then idea that everday people can make their own short film or comic about their character. However I need people to come become intersted in the story first, before I can start the self make of short films and comics. The whoe project is a concept. Im testing it out, before having it become a starting bussiness. My story is takes place within the Star Wars Old Republic Timeline. I recently started a Kickstarter page to get funding for it. I would greatly appriecate help, on getting it started. I have an animation team and animation studio waiting on me to tell them to start working on the project. I just need the funding for it.

I would appreciate help with it, That doesnt mean funding. If you can just tell people about it, I would appreciate help in that way.