View Full Version : "Beauty is when the worlds collide" - 3D animation

Raphael Kentucky
05-10-2013, 01:19 AM

What do you think about it?

05-10-2013, 09:20 AM
Hey Raphael, what program did you use? I have been trying to do animation for a while and while many people might think this is nooby stuff, I find it very good for what I have been trying. My stuff looks sooooo bad!

Anonymous Filmmaker
05-10-2013, 01:28 PM
Hey Raphael, what program did you use?

I was going to ask the same question. What software?

05-10-2013, 07:45 PM
Not bad, keep it up. Modeling is tough. Thinking in 3D is the key.

Raphael Kentucky
05-16-2013, 01:32 AM
Thanks for nice words ; ) I used Iclone4.
Sorry for late answer.

Raphael Kentucky
05-16-2013, 01:33 AM
Hey Mark, It can't be sooo bad ; ) My animation doesn't look very nice too.