View Full Version : Short Shadows - Micro Budget Short Script

L A Morgan
04-20-2013, 08:21 PM
Horror ensues after a lonely, elderly woman buys an antique lamp.

This short horror script can be done on a micro-budget. The script is 15 pages. Only one major character will be needed, along with two extras. The location is one home: a bedroom, the hallway, and a kitchen. “Shadows” is an adaptation from my short story of the same name. I wrote this short horror script specifically to be produced and to compete at the Sundance Film Festival. Fee: $500 for first production rights only, screenwriter’s credit, an IMDb listing, and ten copies of the produced film. If you want to see the full script, email me at lamorganwriter[at]gmail.com (Serious filmmakers only, please)

MD Morgan
04-13-2014, 08:32 AM
Moonlight and Pines Productions is proud to announce the completion of producing Shadows. Please take a look at Shadows on our website and let us know your thoughts. It is 26 min long and we would value your feedback. Please visit http://moonlightandpinesproductions.com/shadows-short-film/ Click on the "If you are a Focus Tester, please click here." link and enter the password, axe
Please leave your comments on that page. PS Wait until the credits finish for a surprise ending. Best played on high end sound systems.
Mark Morgan