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log line: A major blizzard blowing outside, escape cons inside two adult sisters and their three daughters must work together to survive.


Briana and Clarissa, two adult sisters, bring their three daughters to the family cabin for a mothers’ and daughters’ weekend. Ella and Camille are Clarissa daughters. Felicia is Briana’s daughter.

They are settled in the cabin when a blizzard starts and they find out there are four escaped cons on the loose. The cons are in the area.

Camille gets very anxious. A memory of what happened to another aunt when she was five causes anxiety attacks. She hides in a bedroom under the bed. When the three of cons breaks into the cabin she slips out of the cabin and into a vehicle then contacts her uncle who is a member of Mountain Rescue Team.

Ella and Felicia pull Camille back into the house through a loft window. Camille gets caught by the head con when she tries to hide in a hidden room.

When the storm reduces in strength the Mountain Rescue Team heads to the cabin. They close to the cabin when they hear gun shots. A body is put out of the cabin. Two team members go check who it is. It’s a dead con.

They find a live one in the shed. There are only two left in the cabin.

There is another gun shot heard then a little while later a con and Camille leave on skis.

By the time the team members make into the cabin the last con in the cabin is already under control.

The last con is caught with the help of the con that was caught in the shed and Camille.

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You have to reply for the view counter to count you. When did that start?

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But they might steal one of the

I rather have them steal a vehicle
than one of us.

They can see the fear in Camille’s eyes and hear it in her voice.

Would they take one of us? Like
that time that mean guy took
Auntie Jill. She was watching me,
while everyone else went out.
(talking faster)
She had the door locked. He
pounded on it. She hid me and
told me not to move. He broke
in. He hit her over and over.
Then he took her. She didn’t
come back.

Clarissa going to Camille.

Calm down, honey. You’re going
make yourself sick. It wasn’t
your fault. You couldn’t of
done anything. You were only

As Clarissa is speaking above Camille is hysterical.

She never came back. I hid. She
never came back. I hid. She
never came back.

Clarissa wraps one arm around Camille and smooths Camille’s hair with her other hand.

Calm down, baby.

Camille starts to have an asthma attack. Briana gets Camille’s inhaler and hands it to her. Camille use the inhaler and starts calming down.

Camille, go lay down for a while.

Nick Soares
02-11-2012, 04:12 PM
Also, you can start a thread for each script you have for sale, this way they are all separate

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Camille gets up as soon as she hears the man’s voice. She puts her coat on and pushes her plate under the bed. The plate is hidden by the blankets on the bed that hangs over to the floor. She walks over to her Uncle Jack’s long white coat. It has huge pockets on it. She hears Eli’s answer.

ELI (V.O.)
Our vehicle got stuck down the

Camille puts the ranger radio into her Uncle’s coat pocket. She takes the white coat off the hook.

Take one of the S.U.V.’s It
should help you out. The keys
are in the vehicles.

As Briana speaks Camille puts on the huge white hooded coat, over her coat, zips it up and heads for the window. Eli is getting mad.

Will you open this door?

Camille is at the window.

Sorry can’t do that. Just
take a S.U.V.

Camille opens the window, slips on her gloves and hat on then sticks her head out the window. She looks around. She sees nothing. She pulls her head in. The man is screaming.

Open this door or we’ll kick it in!

As Eli screams, Camille grabs a pair of tinted goggles that were left out from the summer. She puts on the goggles. There is a loud banging on the cabin door. Camille climbs out the window and closes it.

02-14-2012, 06:47 PM
Kayak noticed you have lots of plots floating around, do you have a action/thriller script for sale?

02-14-2012, 08:38 PM
Sorry no action/thriller. I have an action/comedy. That is not on here. My two series that connected in the same universe and friendship has action, excitement, comedy and drama in the episodes. I do have more than the pilots written. If you haven't checked out what I all have on that thread please do.

What are you looking for in a action/thriller?

03-08-2012, 11:25 PM
The script is attached.