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This would best in realistic CGI.

Log line : A species of dragons struggles to survive.


Itís a cool, crisp, cloudy morning suddenly becomes chaotic
and a violent morning in the skies as a group of Stone Dragons are
fighting it out with Cloud Dragons. The male Stone Dragons are
protecting their female hunters, Slate and Rivers.

Rivers is the only one who survives from her group uninjured.
The four male Stone Dragons are dead and Slate is badly injured.
Some unique humans are helping Slate out.

Rivers goes hunting, brings food back to her colony and takes
care of hers and Slates eggs. After the eggs hatch the colony is
attacked by Cloud Dragons for territory. The Stone Dragons
protect their colony and win the battle.

The year moves by slowly. The babies grow. Slate returns.
Battle after battle is fought. More humans move in. There is
less and less room for the different species of dragons. Some
species move away. The Stone Dragons decide to prepare to leave.
They canít stay much longer.

Slate leads the group to fight the Cloud Dragons, who moving
into Stone Dragonís territory. Slate and her group knows they
will not be returning to their families.

At the same time Rivers leads a group to distract and fight
the humans. Two young dragons come along but are sent away when
it gets to dangerous. Those two catch up to the rest of the Stone
Dragons and live on somewhere else.

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Is the views counter working?

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Is the views counter working?

Yes, to get your script out to more people, use the "share" tab, tweet the url or copy the url and post it where you like, I have purchased many scripts following those links in the past

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Up where nothing else flies four stone dragons and four cloud
dragons are in a battle for territory.

The alpha stone dragon is Granite. He is forty feet long,has
three horns on his head, has smooth back and tail, no spinal
ridges. Two of his horns are long and sharp on his forehead.
The third horn is short, skinny and sharp on the end of his
snout. He is white with black spots. Some of the spots are
hiding facial features.

He blows fire at White. White flies into a white cloud.
White is a cloud dragon. He is sixty feet long and bright white.
Like all cloud dragons are streamed lined. They have internal
ears, no eyelashes, one long horn on their foreheads,long sharp
claws on their legs and spikes on the tips of their wings. They
have two different types of eyelids. One is clear, to see
through. The other eyelids are normal. The horn on their
foreheads run a few inches above the snout and ends a foot past
the snout.

Granite flies away from the cloud. He looks around to check on
his group while he is still listening and watching for White.

02-11-2012, 06:18 PM

Rivers notices there are no clouds in the sky. She looks at the
cloud dragon that is quickly catching up to her. It is extremely
skinny but three time longer than Rivers.

It is a rogue cloud dragon, crazed with hunger, so it is more
dangerous then most cloud dragons. Rivers must kill it to keep
all safe including other cloud dragons.

Rivers feels the breath of the cloud dragon on her tail. She
goes into a steep dive towards the river. The rouge is right
behind her. She turns just a few feet before impacting onto a
young pine tree close to the river. Rouge doesnít turn and
impacts into the tree. The top tree branch skewers the rougeís
chemical sacks and it blows up.

The tree and the surrounding area are on fire. The fire is close
enough to the river that Rivers can splash it with river water.
Rivers with intense determination drenches the area with large
splashes of river water. The fire is out.

Rivers sits in the river for a bit. Her eyes are closed and she
is part of nature. She hears the birds singing, the trees
rustling in the breeze, bees buzzing and a child talking to

Mommy, I saw dragons fly away.

Sure you did. Now no more
playing we need to get water
from the river.

The humans are getting close to the river. Rivers decides to
have fun. When the mother and child is close to the river,
Rivers uncurls and takes to the air. The mother goes into shock.

I told you.

Rivers blows fire in the air just to show off. She is to far
from the child to hear the childís response.

02-11-2012, 06:25 PM

Rivers, Deposit, Lichen, Cliff, Ledge and seven others fly off.
Slate takes the rest of the flock on foot through the woods away
from the humans and Cloud Dragons.


The troupe of twelve Stone Dragons split into two groups. Group
one consisting of Rivers, Cliff, Ledge and three others head for
the humans. Group two consisting of Deposit, Lichen and four
others head toward the Cloud Dragons as distraction. So that
Slate and the rest can get away.


The six dragons are flying in a A pattern. Rivers is in front.
Behind and to her right is Cliff. Behind and to Rivers left is
Ledge. Behind Rivers is another dragon. Behind and to the right
of Cliff is another dragon. Behind and to the left of Ledge is
another dragon.

They descend closer to the tree tops. A rock flies out of the
trees and almost hitting Rivers. The rock descends. There is
scream from a human then a crushing sound.

They ascend back up. They look down while circling. They are
out of range of most of the human weapons and can see where the
humans are and what the humans are doing.

A harpoon is shot at the dragons. It nicks Cliffís tail. It
leave a small scratch on his tail. As the harpoon starts to
descend Rivers catches it. She holds it so the spear head is
pointing down and lets go. There is another human scream.

Some of the humans start to leave. They are on horseback heading
towards the old colony. The three other dragons head down to cut
them off. While Rivers, Cliff and Ledge circle above playing
catching with harpoons and rocks.

02-14-2012, 09:02 AM

River moves closer to the tree tops and speeds up. She hears
Slate crashing into the forest. She doesnít look back she moves
faster. Then she hears Granites call (animal sound not human
words)of good-bye and a very large explosion. She continues on
with sad eyes but does not look back.


Rivers lands in her favorite spot in the big river that winds and
cuts through the forest. She looks up and sees the clouds are
breaking up. She is safe from cloud dragons. She looks around
and sees a family (looks like Irwin family including Steve dress
in clothes from dark ages) hiding in the bushes watching her. Not
feeling threatened she falls asleep.


Granite and Rivers are entwined. Their tails are wrapped around
each other. They are facing each other. One side of their faces
slide against each other. River feels Granites warm breath on her
neck scales. A warm breeze hits her face and she wakes up.

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