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L A Morgan
04-15-2013, 10:00 PM
Cultured and cool, Asher takes on a black market drug lord while making love to the ladies.

When wealthy, sophisticated Asher is drawn into investigating a sex-murder mystery with a vulgar, New York PI, action ensues. Together, they work to solve a murder mystery, involving a black market drug that gives women a two-to-four hour orgasm. The two of them are aided in their investigation by Asher’s supercilious valet, a dark-skinned man of Asian descent, and a mystery unto himself.

“Asher St. James” is a crime drama with lots of comic relief. The production will require a moderate budget. The script is set in two major areas, New York City and Long Island, where about twenty locations will be needed. There are three major characters, eight minor characters, and a number of extra, some with speaking parts. There are authentically orchestrated jukido fight scenes, sexual situations, and NY and LI jet set scenarios. This is based on my novel, Asher St. James.