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02-08-2012, 04:15 PM
"The Square Root of Evil"
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Based on the novel “The Square Root of Evil”
Pages: 118
Story location: Any large city
Lead: Strong female
WGA No. 1494250
Contact info: Randy Simmons
Phone: 1-604-773-3014 e-mail: simmons_57[at]hotmail.com
Website: Wix.com squarerootofevil created by simmons_57 based on long-left-sm


As is prophesied something foul, ancient, and evil has come, but it has come to a large metropolitan city, starting in the suburbs with the horrific murder of an innocent pregnant housewife.

Kathy Connor is a compulsive, slick homicide detective assigned to investigate the murder. Within days, several more grotesque murders occur.

Kathy and her partner Brock are convinced they are dealing with a sadistic serial killer who has a taste for butchering young women.

As the case progresses, Kathy is forced to realize that these are not just random attacks, as she is drawn to a realm of apocalyptic horror where the hunter unwittingly has been chosen to be the hunted.

Log line

In the horror/thriller “The Square Root of Evil,” Detective Kathy Connor must catch a bloody serial killer of young women before the apocalyptic prophesy is fulfilled, and the ultimate evil is unleashed.

Think of “Silence of the Lambs” meets “The Omen”.

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