View Full Version : Query letter help

Josh Hughes
04-06-2013, 06:10 PM
Hey everyone,

I recently finished a script that I've been working on for about a year and would like to start sending query letters out to production companies. I'm just looking for broad advice on the subject...anything you may have from formatting, which companies to send to, agents, etc.

If there is anything that you would like to know about the story just let me know.

Nick Soares
04-07-2013, 06:50 AM
Hey Josh, can I read a few pages, I might be able to help

04-09-2013, 06:58 AM
I'm also in the middle of starting to write Query letters. Some say to write only the logline while others say to write between a logline and a synopsis. Similar to Josh, I wanted to know the structure for a query letter. Thanks