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[red comment added by Nick Soares] CONGRATS! from Filmmakerforum.org!!!! On getting your funding completed!!!

Jane(Hannah) is a girl of only sixteen, thrust into the lonely remnants of the once great America. This America has been ravaged by a terrible form of the Spanish Flu. The movie begins with Jane waking up in an abandoned shelter. It looks as if someone has been living there, but there is no one to be found. This young woman has no recollection of what has happened recently. The last thing she remembers is millions of people dying because of the flu. While surviving Jane finds remnants of her past, that give her glimpses of the events that placed her at the beginning of our story. Jane is a rugged teen girl that can take care of herself, but she yearns for human interaction. As the movie progresses, and she spends more time without contact to any person, she deteriorates mentally. When Finally Jane finds a human, She is faced with a dilemma.. An all too familiar dilemma where she encounters the dark side of her soul and fights her way out of a swirling vortex experience.

This is being made by a group of students with a passion for film and a drive to achieve the perfect pathos.

The Final Lifeline by Joey Higuera — Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/405924882/the-final-lifeline)

Nick Soares
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$1 pledge here, I dare someone to match IT! If you do, Ill give you a green user name!

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I told the other kickstarter projects on the forum this, and ill do the same for you...add: "in association with http://www.filmmakerforum.org" somewhere in your movie description and ill pledge $10. Just report back here you have done so, and its done. Note: it must stay on during the entire campaign

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Nick Soares
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how do I change my pledge to $10 ?

**EDIT** Fixed :)

Dear Joey, glad to be a part in helping indie filmmakers!

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ok, I'm in for $10 too.

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Only 3 days left to help us out! We are SOOOO close, but we need your help!

Nick Soares
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Only 3 days left to help us out! We are SOOOO close, but we need your help!

Ok going to check out again **EDIT** How do I add more money?

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This was a fun thread to read,